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    This is story about 13th Guild and it´s fictive company (FSI):


    I am officially a loony (I have paper to prove it), my official diagnose is "Undifferianted (Unusual) Schitzophrenia, not totaly fully recovered yet" the most mild version of them all, but thank God, i am quite sane thanks to my family, friends and theraupetist (it is called safetynet, when ye go loony they cathograph yer social net).


    So yes true friends are more precious than Gold or Silver, remember that.

    = Friends are gems of life!


    And no, roleplaying games are not a satanic, evil thing. Even bible can be used to promote evil, if ye read it wrong, so it is how ye interpent things: Love God all thy heart, soul and mind, and love yer neighbour (and kind) as yerself.

     Ah, and what is guild 13th? It is my real life friends and me of course, and FSI is an "company" run in Cyberpunk 2020 RPG.

    Actually now that most of my friends are married or seeing some significant others ( and even have childs), we dont have much of Guild 13th gatherings anymore. (psst, its a secret, they do not know i call my friends a guild) ;). Oh they will find out, they will find out.. i am sure now :D


    To all my friends: I love ye all, thank ye for being my support for all these years. Ye all understand me even better than i understand myself.



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    And watch podcastfeeds:

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    Remember: "Knowledge is half victory!"